Yada courses

Dr Bradley has developed 72 in-depth teachings to help believers  come into their destiny. 

He can travel to present these in person as he is invited by churches  or groups. 

Yada offers 8 main courses as well as new ones being developed.

1. Beginning the journey

In this first course we will begin by looking at the vision, goals, aims and objectives of Yada International and see how this school can be run by those who desire to do it.

2. Order and Maturity

In this course we see that to fully enter our destiny we need to be in order and under proper covering. How a father’s desires to see his children to come to a place of maturity being equipped to enter their destiny unhindered.

3. Roadblocks To Be Expected

We will see that in order for us to enter into our God given destinies we need to get healed up and then to look at some of the reasons we don’t mature the way Father desires us to. Seeing things that allow iniquities to enter our lives.

4. Discernment in a Time of Crisis

We will see how we need to move from the hindrances that we studied in the previous course as well as any others that the Holy Spirit may have shown us to a further time of preparation.

5. Functioning as a Covenant Family

Seeing that for us to enter our destiny it’s vital that we recognize the Kingdom of God is a family army. Requiring corporeity with every soldier being willing to die for the others [true covenant].

6. Destiny: A Father’s Journey

We will see for us to fully enter our destiny we need to be able to learn from others examples so we will trace the prayer journey of Abraham seeing how he was led in prayer and intercession.

7. Weapons and Warfare

We will see that for us to fully enter our destiny we need to see our responsibility and call to enter into warfare studying its dynamics and strategies and the power of the blood of Christ. Seeing how we or our families can allow principalities to grow.

8. Redeeming Your City and the Nations

Where we will lift our focus from individual and family warfare to citywide warfare because the ultimate goal of the Kingdom of God is a city ‘New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven’.