About us

Dr Bradley Stuart

Dr Bradley Stuart was born and raised in South Africa. He was saved through the power of prayer at birth. At four, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. God has been progressively healing him.

Growing up, he faced much rejection hindering his walk with Lord, until he totally surrendered and developed an intimate walk with the Lord. Then he responded to the Lord’s calling.

In 2002 he earned his Doctorate in Theology. He has traveled to 38 nations teaching the Word.

Sue Stuart

Sue Stuart was born in Seoul,  Korea and adopted at three years old. She has a strong teaching and musical gift, with a deep passion  for worship.

She has traveled  nationally and internationally using  her musical gift.

Dr Bradley Stuart desires to teach and equip believers to come into a place of intimacy with the Father and overcome rejection.  He and Sue also have a heart to minister to singles.

Dr Bradley has developed 72 in-depth teachings to help believers come into their destiny. He can travel to present these in person as he is invited by churches or groups.

Statement of faith

“We believe the Bible as the inspired Word of God, in the Holy Trinity, the Virgin birth and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We also believe in the need to be born again, and the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit.”

Dr Bradley Stuart’s Autobiography:

Challenged to Triumph

“This is a book about a remarkable man born into a life filled with challenges most people will never have to endure. By the aiding hand of God, Dr Bradley Stuart learned to triumph over these challenges.”