Yada Courses

Yada offers 8 main courses as well as new ones being developed.


Courses 1-3 Overviews

Course 1

Lesson 1 Introduction to Yada International and how it can impact your life
Lesson 2 Bradley Stuart’s Testimony – A supernatural birth for a supernatural life
Lesson 3 The Importance of Vision – Without A Vision The People Perish
Lesson 4-5 Hearing from God – Intimacy
Lesson 6-7 Intimacy – Covenant
Lesson 8 Working with what you have received – Seeing Life Come From Your Intimacy
Lesson 9 God’s Process of Redemption – A Love Story

Course 2

Lesson 1 Foundation Stones – Stone One, Building According To God’s Pattern
Lesson 2 Stone Two – Authority, Love and Submission, preparing you to rule
Lesson 3 Fatherhood – Providing protection, provision, placemat & purpose as we enter our destiny with God.
Lesson 4-5 Intercession – Entering into a session with God through Intimacy
Lesson 6 The Necessity for Maturity – Producing more than you consume
Lesson 7 Binding Up the Broken Hearted – Healing the hurts, wounds and disappointments of life
Lesson 8 Salvation – Restoring the Soul
Lesson 9 The Transforming Power of Repentance

Course 3

Lesson 1-2 What is Iniquity? – Defiled or twisted DNA passed on to the generations
Lesson 3 Bitterness and Unforgiveness – A defiling and contaminating poison
Lesson 4-5 The Fear of the Lord and Fear – the paralysing force
Lesson 6-7 Mammon – demonic or false worship
Lesson 8 Appropriating the Finished Work of Calvary
Lesson 9 Fruits Of Rejection Exposed

Courses. 4-6 Overview

Course 4

Lesson 1 Getting to know the ways of God more fully – Discerning God’s times, signs & seasons
Lesson 2 Warfare against Complacency – Moving in to receive the double portion Lesson 3 Origins Of Walls And Barriers – Emotional turmoil exposed
Lesson 4 Rejection – Suffering for a purpose
Lesson 5 Lust – The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life
Lesson 6 Pride – Rigid Perfectionism vs. Stewardship
Lesson 7 Jealousy and Envy – Comparisons and dissatisfactions
Lesson 8 Rebellion and Stubbornness – Disobeying or wilfully doing it your own way
Lesson 9 Being Needs Driven or Purpose Led – Fighting performance

Course 5

Lesson 1 Entering Into A Session With God as A Church Family
Lesson 2 – 3 Entering Into A Session With God as a Symphony
Lesson 4-5 Birthing Through Travail as we Enter Into A Session With God Lesson 6-7 Men Entering Into A Session With God
Lesson 8-9 Women Entering Into A Session With God

Course 6

Lesson 1-6 Abraham’s Prayer Journey
Lesson 7 Fatherhood – The power to transform our children
Lesson 8 Battles In Relationships
Lesson 9 Pitfalls to be expected – Snares, ambushes pitfalls and quicksand in the battle

Courses 7-8 Overview

Course 7

Lesson 1 & 2 Warfare – Using the weapons of our warfare correctly
Lessons 3 The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus
Lesson 4 Principalities – God’s Mysteries
Lessons 5-7 The Unholy Trinity – Anti-Christ, Ahab and Jezebel and Death and Hades
Lesson 8 The Power Of Words – Mechanism for creation, blessing or cursing
Lesson 9 Iniquities Affect On Our Families – Abraham and David

Course 8

Lesson 1-2 Laying a Foundation – God’s call for us to redeem cities Lesson 3-4 The Power of Defilement – Unchecked iniquities influence Lesson 5 Innocent blood shed – defiling the land
Lesson 6 High Places – The sites of enemy defilement
Lesson 7 The Power to Bind and Loose – Removing the legal rights of the enemy Lesson 8-9 Anointed Research – Recognizing the giants in the city and getting strategy