Guiding You Through Christian Training

Welcome to Yada, a dedicated teaching and training Christian organization located in Moses Lake. Our primary commitment is to empower individuals to discover their purpose and equip them with a clear direction for their lives. Our headquarters in Moses Lake serves as the hub for our transformative training courses, focusing on prayer, personal growth, and overcoming rejection issues.

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Journeying Towards Intimacy and Empowerment

Delve into the profound meaning of YADA, a Hebrew word that encapsulates the deepest form of intimate knowing one can experience. At Yada, our core mission is to impart teachings and provide tools that empower believers to cultivate a profound intimacy with the Father and conquer the challenges of rejection. We believe that by fostering this closeness with the divine, individuals can unlock their true potential and purpose in life.

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A Haven for Spiritual Growth and Connection

We love to pray for others and to see believers edified, exhorted, and comforted through a fresh word from their Heavenly Father. We stand firm in our commitment to creating an atmosphere where individuals can experience the depth of divine connection and emerge edified and comforted.

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