Course 4


We will see how we need to move from the hindrances that we studied in the previous course as well as any others that the Holy Spirit may have shown us to a further time of preparation.

Looking at what to expect and discern and inquire about as we move into warfare against iniquities experiencing a deeper level of shaking, crises of belief, major Godly interventions and disruptions revealing the need for proper levels of personal preparation as we face more emotional battles and face further iniquities.

Lesson 1

In lesson one we will begin by looking at how we need to correctly discern and inquire about God’s Times, Signs and Seasons – Getting to know the ways of God more fully as we see how He works in different ways at different times within specific seasons. How the enemy can use time and how God can use time.

Lesson 2

In lesson two we will look at the ‘Warfare Against Complacency’ – Moving in to receive the double portion that the Lord desires to bless us with. Seeing the process that Elisha walked through with Elijah on the day that Elijah was leaving. Seeing the importance of the names of the places they visited before crossing the Jordan when Elijah asked Elisha what he wanted.

Lesson 3

In lesson three we will study ‘Walls and Barriers Of Hindrance’ – Emotional Turmoil Exposed seeing the different walls of self protection or resistance that we can erect in our lives.

Lesson 4

In lesson four we will do an in depth study on ‘Rejection’ – Suffering for a purpose that can allow Godly character to develop in our lives.

Lesson 5

In lesson five we will look at ‘Lust’ – Studying the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

Lesson 6

In lesson six we will study ‘Pride’ – Rigid Perfectionism vs. Stewardship seeing the importance to understand the difference between perfectionism, stewardship and excellence.

Lesson 7

In lesson seven we will study ‘Jealousy and Envy’ – Wanting more, comparisons and dissatisfactions.

Lesson 8

In lesson eight we will study ‘Rebellion and Stubbornness’ – Disobeying or willfully doing it your own way.

Lesson 9

In lesson nine we will look at being ‘Needs Driven Or Purpose Led’ and the fight against performance.